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TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online: Tangedco has started the process of linking the electrical service connection of home customers to their Aadhaar numbers. This is because a recent government ruling says that subsidies must still be collected.

The Tamil Nadu government stated in a GO dated October 6 that an eligible citizen hoping to benefit from the subsidy schemes must provide proof of Aadhaar number existence or undergo Aadhaar authentication.

Link Aadhar to TNEB

The payment connection has been set up to urge consumers to link their Aadhaar when they make an EB bill payment online, the source said.

Those who pay their bills in person at the local office counter can link their service connection by presenting a copy of their Aadhaar card.

How to Link Aadhaar in TNEB ltd –

Here is how to update your TNEB Aadhaar online:

  1. Go to first to access the TNEB Adhaar upload link.
  2. Type your Service Connection Number in the box
  3. To generate an OTP, enter your linked mobile number.
  4. Go to the Aadhaar upload dashboard and enter your OTP.
  5. Now choose Owner or Tenant under Occupation Details.
  6. enter your Aadhaar number now
  7. Add a name on your Aadhaar card.
  8. Now upload a 300kb JPEG file of your scanned Aadhaar copy.
  9. Finally, tick the box and make a declaration
  10. Send your Aadhaar card to TNEB and link it there.
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online

TNEB Aadhaar Link Online

Only the domestic, powerloom, agricultural, and hut services are currently eligible for the Aadhar linking with the Service Number.
It is required to upload the Aadhaar card as a 300KB.jpg or.jpeg file.
Exactly as it appears on the receipt or in the text message you got, the service connection number must be entered.

TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online
TNEB Aadhaar Upload Online

www tnebltd gov in Aadhaar Upload

Agricultural connections, handloom connections (first 200 units free; costs as per domestic slab for additional use), places of worship, shack dwellers (free supply), and powerloom connections are among the other connections that are subsidised in addition to homes (first 750 units free and charges as per domestic slab for subsequent consumption).

On the other side, Tangedco officials said that the project just aimed to provide accurate data on people getting subsidies in conformity with Union government regulations and that those who choose not to link their Aadhaar will see a reduction in their benefits.

TNEB Aadhaar Link Last Date

The final day to upload your aadhaar to the site at has yet to be formally announced by TNEB. But in order to maximise your benefits from Tangedco Ltd., we advise you to upload your aadhaar as soon as feasible. It should be mentioned that TNEB advised furnishing aadhaar before November 30, 2022 if you are upgrading your identification card utilising their billing counter.

Link Aadhaar – Click here


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