Want to Become a Loco Pilot in RRB 2023? | Here are the Complete Details

Want to Become a ALP in RRB 2023: Loco pilots must work at least 36 hours a week. If you work more than that, you will get an additional salary called an overtime allowance. We have seen everything about train journeys, their procedures, buying tickets, buying confirmed tickets at the last moment, and how train coaches are sorted and added.

Want to Become a Loco Pilot in RRB 2023
Want to Become a ALP in RRB 2023

But who is driving this train?

Can one person drive such a big train alone? How long will he drive and will he drive alone for the entire route? Ever wondered what his salary would be? We have heard more about other departmental work. But don’t know much about railway-related works. Let’s find out now.

For Indians, railway travel has an inseparable connection. Traveling by train with family and friends is a different experience. Most people have many experiences in train travel.

The driver of the train that carries thousands of people with many dreams is called “Loco Pilot”. Loco pilot job in Indian Railways is like a pilot flying an airplane. They not only take people to their places but also carry goods in freight trains.

Who is a Loco Pilot?

A loco pilot is one who drives trains. A person is required to effectively supervise the movement of the train. It is a senior post in Indian Railways. But no person is directly appointed as Loco Pilot. Indian Railways First Recruitment of Assistant Loco Pilots. A separate entrance test will be conducted for this. A person who joins as an Assistant Loco Pilot can become a Loco Pilot by promotion after gaining experience.

Duties of Loco Pilot

The duties of the Assistant Loco Pilot are to assist the Loco Pilot in running the train smoothly. A loco pilot’s job is to properly maintain the train engine, repair any repairs in the train, monitor signal changes, and communicate with the railway authorities. Running trains accordingly.

How to Become a Loco Pilot?

The railway recruitment board will conduct the exams separately for this purpose. ITI pass in the specified field is the minimum educational qualification. Diploma or Engineering Graduates can also apply for Assistant Loco Pilot Posts. Must have written and passed computer-based examinations at both levels. If you pass it, you can become a loco pilot.

Salary of Loco Pilot

The salary for the Loco Pilot post is Level 2 Pay Matrix. The starting basic pay will be Rs.19,900. Along with this, there are benefits like house rent allowance, dearness allowance, transport allowance, etc.

Working Hours of Loco Pilot

A shift for loco pilots is 8 hours like any other job. If any station arrives a little earlier or later, the next pilot will take over. No, if the destination is reached in a little time, he will drive himself. Loco pilots must work at least 36 hours a week. If you work more than that, you will get an additional salary called overtime allowance.

RRB Loco Pilot Recruitment


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