RRB ALP Recruitment Important Update 2024, for all those who fill the form, these People will not get ALP Job, Even after Merit

RRB ALP Recruitment Important Update 2024: Friends, in this article, we will talk about an important update on RRB ALP recruitment. Friends, the form application has started many days, and many students are applying for the form. But before filling out the form, this is important information for all the students. See, many students are not going to get the ALP job. Even after coming in the merit, you will face problems and will not get the job and such students should be very alert. Friends, watch it as soon as you guys see the official notification of RRB ALP. Yes, here medical fitness has been discussed in point number six.

RRB ALP Recruitment Important Update 2024

Now if you look at it, it has been mentioned that the candidates must ensure that they fulfill the prescribed medical standard for the post of ALP i.e. all the students who are eligible for the post of ALP. If you want to apply for the form or want to become an ALP, then first of all, follow the prescribed medical standard of ALP which is asked for here, and get insured whether your medical standard is fulfilled or not because friends, medical standards are the highest. Hard Railway Recruitment for Assistant Loco Pilot is done and a student applies the form here without even checking or knowing whether his medical standard is that of a Loco Pilot or not and the entire process is cleared by CBT. Let’s say you cleared Part A, you cleared CBT in Part Two, and after that, you cleared Psycho Test and got your name on the merit list, but when the turn came for a medical test here and DV, then in medical, if there is pay and If the medical does not come, in such a case, friends, their path will end from there, then understand that even after completing all the processes, friends, their hard work will go in vain, that is why Railways says in advance that any student who is eligible for ALP.

If you want to apply, first of all, you should know about your pre-screening whether the student should apply or not, which students should apply the form, and which ones should be avoided, it has been mentioned here in the board letter. Candidates who are found medically unsuitable for this post shall not be given any alternative appointment. Now see the students who will be found medically unfit, those who will not get Avon Medical, they will not be given any alternative appointment, and no other post will be given. Earlier friends, what was it earlier, friends, in 2018 that ALP Plus, when the vacancy for Technician came, what happened was that ALP, if you did not get the post then you would get the post of Technician. If you filled the form and entered the same then because the medical standard of Technician is low, it is b1, c1 is, b2 is. If you have any medical, you used to get a technician, but what is the matter this time, a separate form of ALP has come, a separate form of technician has come, so these people have clearly mentioned that if you do not pass A1 medical, then in such a case no one can help you. You will not be able to get the second post. Now let us talk about what is the medical standard of the post of ALP, which is it is medical, why is it so tough here, then if you look at point number three, then about the standard of medical fitness.

They have made a mention in which it has been said that candidates called for TV will have to pass the required site medical fitness test conducted by the Railway Administration to ensure that they are physically fit to carry out the duties connected with the post i.e. as many students will have in their DB. Medical tests of all the students will be taken and their physical fitness will also be checked properly. Plus medical standards, everything will be checked so that they are suitable for that post. Visual acuity standard is an important medical fitness for railway service and especially for those whose Eye test is done. They have mentioned that it is most important. The medical requirements for the post of ALP are mentioned here in the outline below and whatever medical standards are asked for Assistant Loco Pilot. Now let’s see what all are the hard medical things here. First of all, their medical standard is A1. General fitness is required. There will be two types of fitness in it.

First of all, there will be general fitness which is physically fit in all. Respect means that all the students will have this friend, physical fitness should be there in all aspects and the second one is the visual standard and the eye test, is friends and this is considered to be especially important, now here which I am also targeting the students for whom I am making videos and giving information about who should apply the form or who should avoid it considering the medical standards because friends, if they are unfit in the medical, then in such a case the entire All your hard work goes in vain, there is no hearing, friends, if you will not get a job, then it is important to be alert beforehand, so first of all, friends, let us check general fitness, there are many types of tests in general fitness, the most important among them is If we talk about this, then two tests are very important, one is friends, blood pressure is fine. Sir, in blood pressure, your blood pressure should be BP. Friends, here it should not be in the hypertensive range. Now friends, the hypertensive range of Railways is there. It has been accepted and this is what I am saying: IRMM Indian Railway Medical Manual Volume One, you people can download this on Google siv range has been kept, that friends of Railways has been kept at 140/90, okay 140/90 this has been kept Hypertensive Range: If anyone comes here with BP between 140/90, then understand that the Railways will consider them hypertensive and will reject them i.e. declare them medically unfit. If it is less than this, let us assume that it is 135/90. If it is 135/85 then it will be fine for you but if it is 140/90 then friends will reject you because in 2018 many students were termed as having high BP and many of them have been thrown out here and some are in NTPC. There are some posts of station master where good medical is taken, many students have been made unfit, so all these things are there, now see friends in some different jobs, the hypertensive range here is considered to be 145/90 but Railways is especially a post of ALP, hence 140/90 is its standard.

So pay attention to all the students who have very high BP and it is not like that, sometimes what happens friends is that when you go to give a medical test Even students with normal BP get scared there because it is natural that they have cleared so many papers and have gone there, there is a fear that what will happen if they take higher medical, then those with normal BP also have 130 and 80, they also have 140 there. /90 142 / 90 If they come like this, then there is no need to panic here. If your BP does not remain that high forever, sometimes it happens like this again and again, then there is no need to panic because at least a few friends, these people give you a chance five to six times, and they will give time in between if it comes once more, then they will check again after two-three hours, then after giving time of 1 hour, they will check again, then they will also check that they also know. Students indeed get scared when they come here, many people even due to fear, their BP becomes high, hence these people are given a chance, hence there is no need to panic, but those whose blood pressure is correct. It is very high, people live in the hypertensive range, they will face problems here, so you all should take care of yourself, whoever is the candidate, if the blood pressure is very high or is in the hypertensive range, then consult a doctor if it is curable.

No, it is not fit to be cured then understand that this post is not for you because friends, you will be thrown out in the medical test. There are many previous papers like NTPC’s medical, Group D’s medical, ALP’s medical, and so on for ALP. The highest medical standards are asked for, so many times I have also seen them covered, those whose blood pressure is more than 140/90, friends make them unfit, if they do not get Avon medical standard, then firstly, it is a case of BP, now second one. It happens friends, here the sugar test is fine, and this friend is a sugar test, especially the Railways says that we will test the sugar of those who are 28 years of age or above, but some test even the 27-year-old students who live in Jonas. Here, pay special attention to see what happens in the sugar test. Friends, those who are suffering from this disease at all, i.e. those whose sugar is so high. It remains true that even if some things are like this, they may have problems, but if seen nowadays, according to food habits, sugar is found even in a child. When we go here to get checked, it is seen that diabetes is there. If their cases are cured then it is a different thing but in normal cases, people do not pay any attention but when there are more cases then they think that yes, it is not suitable for this post and is not really curable, it is not getting better continuously.

If this is the case then there can be a problem and this has happened with some students in the 2018 Dicle test, hence you guys should also get tested once to know whether you are suffering from diabetes or not or if you are a case of diabetes. If it is in the high range or not, if it is normal then it will not work at all because such cases are also found in children, so what is their account? Okay, so basically this is what I mean by this. Students of the age group of 28 years or 27 years take their sugar test seriously. For those who are below that age, we do not pay much attention here for this post but still keep in mind that if someone is suffering from this disease. If someone is suffering from this disease, then he may have a problem here. In medical terms, these two things are main, apart from this, there are many other things like your ECG is also tested, then those whose ECG is not normal may also have a problem, but in this, They also give time, in the same way, friends, when hydrocele is tested, what happens in hydrocele? Friends, here you get time, they put pending and in such cases, remedial is given and after two to three months, you are called. If it is okay after getting the operation done, then you get a job. There is a test for piles, there is a test for hernia, if there is a problem in all these then you get remedial and later you get time, but there are some things like if in the sugar test, If your diabetes is very high, then in such a case you can be thrown out, you can be made unfit and I told you in the beginning that if your BP is in the hypertensive range, then you can have problems here and in physical fitness.

These are the two things which cause more problems to the students. As I have been covering everything since 2018, here are only two things that I found more important due to which students feel unfit here. The rest of the things are many things. We will check, we will also take chest Okay, see one thing, and here comes the question that sir, my hands were broken, my legs were broken and all those things have now been corrected but there is a little bit of pain or anything like this, so what would be the problem then see. Friends, if the arms and legs are broken or the bones have joined later, there will be no problem in such a case, but there is a lot of deformity because here friends, after removing the clothes, check to straighten the arm.

You will say that you will check the leg in a straight line and you will if you look very deformed, then you can speak something or declare unfit, but everything is right, the movement of the joints is correct and the hands which are broken hands It was also that it is right, it is not very deformed, then there is no problem, your work will go here, okay, then there will be no problem in physical fitness, there will be not much problem here. Now all the students who are trying to apply for the form and those who do not know about their eyes, will definitely learn friends from this video and get your eye test first then you should apply so that you will apply so that better Be forced and confirmed and felt like studying so that one seat could be yours or else I was afraid, in such a case, brother, I have read so much paper and still be afraid that my medical will come out or will not come out So first of all, see here that is the test of I, friends, this disaster vision is sought, 6/6 and 6/6 means that both eyes should have your disguise vision, you should sit at a distance of 6 meters. Goes and after that, there are some letters, friends will be written and you will be written as small and at a distance of 6 meters. The right above is looking above that it will be crooked, it will be said that the face will be written, W will be written that it is upwards that if it is down, then by doing this way, then all these things are asked, then if all these things are asked, then if you are asked. In this, if you have 6/6 of both of your Eyes, then understand that you are absolutely right and maximum people say, then this factor is friends that the disguise vision makes many students difficult.

If you do not get the mill medical, then you will definitely get the check done by confirming the doctor once, who are the specialist of I. can check with the specialist if you are right, then you do not have any problem If there is 6/6 of one I in the medical medical medical medical and the second I is 6/9, then it is a problem here because A2 medical will not be available here and A1 will not be available and A1 will not be found, then there is a danger bell, then there is a disaster See the vision, after this, the flying test was not accepted, now the fogging test is also the friend, the friend who cannot use the lens here, that cannot be put here, that can not put Mir Glasses, the biggest problem is on the biggest problem, it is written here, ie it is written.

That students who apply spectacle here, this is not a job for those who put on the glasses, this job will not be noted for them, they will pay attention that one doctor has a doctor’s two directors here. Four dopters are not suitable for anyone, if normally puts any such glasses and I am absolutely right, then they are not a problem, but those who have some power, their glasses, such students are applied at all. Do not do it because friends are not a choice, you will not get A1 medical fitness here, so you will pay attention to these things, if you have glasses, do not apply because in the medical test you guys are left on you, because All the students tell the Railways that you can apply, but only after taking care of the medical test, you should apply, I am giving the same information that what is necessary for ALP post, if ALP is to be made, then now friends second, the test which is the test. Friends, those friends, if there is a Near Vision on here, then most of the students do not have any problem in the Near Vision, you will be given some letters very closely, all will be given, you have to read it very close to the eye and you have to read all the things, then you read all the things, then you read them Here, it gets cleared.

Most of the problems are in the disaster vision, then you will pay attention to it, you will get the check-up once, after this, see the third biggest thing here, the color of the rejection is the color blindness test color vision color with color blindness All the students are found to be colorful blindness, so in such a case, you do not fit for this post, a student with color blindness gets C1 medical and gets B2 Medical, then there is no post with C1 B2. Therefore, friends can see that it is written here that you will have a test of color vision and you have to pass the test in color vision, then whatever color blindness students are, do not apply at all, color blindness friends Even one thing is not possible, there will come a question here, see the people who teach Iha book, there are a lot of things. Show how the paths are made in it, by doing so, there are at least 12 to 12 to 15 things which are taught to you, now in the book, now in 12 to 15, one or two go wrong, then there is no problem but here If you make more mistakes, then in such a case you can also be declared mild color blindness and beetu medical standard which is not fit for ALP post here, so you will get any nea brother who will check here Eye specialist is there and going to them, everything I am telling, get the checkup done, everything is found right, then you people can prepare with a good heart that you can prepare with a good heart that medical is going to come out of you too. So there are students with color, there is no post for them, it will pay attention to it, after this, there will be a bine kular vision test, so what happens in the bine kular vision that you will be put here on some angle, you will be checked at some angle, then something here It is kept and you will be told where there is an object, there are some candidates whose eyes are like it is here, but they do not see the exactly here and will look a little from here, even if it will be seen on this side, then the students who are seen on this side There will be some problems here, friends, because such cases will come in Bine Kular Vision, where there is an object on the exact position, whereas you have to tell that there is a place there if you have told here that there is a place here or if it is here In this way you can have a problem, so all these things are also the field of vision, how much is the field of vision, such as Human Eye is about 150 ° that both of them are open, then you can see at least till such a degree. So there is a very few fields of vision, so in such a case, the problem also happens in the night vision, you check the same as you will take the whole rooms in a room.

You will show you quickly, you have to identify which color is light here, then everything does not have much problem in this if there is no color with color, then there is no problem and the rest will tell all those who come right, they will comfortably tell all of them. Color major p vision is all these checks, so what is Menli in this that the disguise vision should be your 6/6, for those who apply glasses, there is no post at all, who are students with color, there is no post for them at all, so these are not at all. You people will take care of everything, if you tell me all these things before applying ALP form Also, when there is a medical test, then you will be removed, so all the students will now like to request one thing and I would like to request that there are many students who apply this form Let me check my level once, by giving the exam, then give it what is the vacancy that this time the vacancy is very low 5696 is only vacancy and in every zone, there is very little vacancy in every zone, if there is a very low vacancy if 100 are also in such a zone.

Those who apply for the form even after knowing and only after knowing that they have very good to read, they took out all the exams and took out all the exams and went to DB Medical, but they assume that they were stunned in medical It was known beforehand that if there is a hunga in medical, what would happen that those who want a job here will not be able to get the job because they will not be able to come in merit, even if they will not be able to come, then they will not be able to come, that is why friends, that is why friends Show a little big heart too, you guys are very low here, if you feel that you will not be able to pass medical or there can be any problem, then in such a case, friends, you will not apply, you will not apply for the rest of the request, the rest is the rest of you People can apply for this to be free to be free, but this time there is no waiting list even before waiting, then what happened that such people went, if they could not get the job, they could not get the job unfit in medical, then the second Students used to get a chance, now every year these people will take out the recruitment, then every year it means to say that they will not only clear the waiting, take as much as you take here and the rest of the seats will be empty and add them to the next vacancy and give these people Will give it because every year they want to clear their vacancy, then all these things are removed from waiting that you are going to clear these people, so in view of all these things, you can check your medical standard in a good way. People will get it done if there is a doubt and then the date for applying is still good, on February 19, the last date has been kept, by checking your medical test in one day, the doctors will tell people and if it is all right, then apply exactly.

If there is no problem, then these are all these things, friends, which I had to tell, there is one more thing on here. Volume number one is in number one, in it, everything has been done clearly, it will be your test, which will be the general fitness test, it will be the same and the test of the Near will be the Test which will be the Test of Near Vision Distant Vision. Everything has been recorded and all the terms and conditions in it have been given here, one thing and here, look here, it has been clearly spoken that the candidates who have undergone less surgery That they get their eye surgery and get them fit, as 6 Ba S6 Ba gets to them, or by doing anything in such a way that the refractor of I got the refractor and conducts any operation, then he said, then he said like this. It is that students with lesic surgery have been absolutely careful, they will not get a job here, check some drops and check you, first of all, they check the drop If you are caught, that is why if there is a student with lesic surgery, then do not apply at all thinking that something will happen here, jugaad or my job will be done, it will not happen that friends will first put the drop in both and lasic surgery case If you will be caught like this, then these are all these things, so it has been cleared and all other things have been mentioned here that the candidate is to submit declaration in annex number Six Durning During DV DV Declaration also you have to give that lesic surgery is not yours, if you are caught, then action can be taken on you, then these things will be kept in mind, after that there is one more thing that India Railway’s medical manual is exclusively Friends are a little different, so the students with ex -servicemen are applying in ALP, read para number 534, by downloading the IRMM Volume One PDF of India Railway Medical Manal and the medical test of a serviceman’s medical test of the medical test of the medical test. The rest of the medical tests will be seen here, all these normal students are medical tests, and for those who are students with X servicemen, there is a slightly separate medical test here, now see that in the end, the railway speaks in point number D here.

Candidates Must Special Specificly Note The Post of ALP Has Stridant Medical Standard i.e. Railways is saying that the medical test of Assistant Loco Pilot is the most hard is the most hard is it is quite harsh Terms of Vision Edes Well Edge Physical Standard is Age On The Age Edge, all the students who apply for the form of ALP and that is absolutely insured, that they are fine in the physical fitness, such as the test I told that the test I told in the physical It is right and in the plus vision in the person, it is found right here and the people who are mentioned in the Indian Railway Medical Manual should also read it well, which have been mentioned for the post of medical standard ALP, then by downloading, all these things are friends I have cleared it and here some students have said that sir, don’t be scared, I have not applied for the form yet, see all these things friends, it is not scary at all, I am telling only the facts because there are many people who do not know the information.

In the absence of ALP, they want to become Assistant Loco Pilot but maybe they face some problem and what happens here is that after working so hard, they give their entire year to LP’s ALP. And what happens in a good way is that when you fail in medicine, you will feel very sad that why did I wasted my one year, then you need to understand all these things because Railways three-three-four-four times. She is saying that you check your medical standard here, and check yours properly because the medical of this post is very tough, so everything will be correct according to it, only then you guys apply, otherwise, you cannot get any other post in the alternative, then come here. Hope I was able to clear all the things up here and friends, if you liked the information then please share the video and all the students who want to apply here can apply even if they want to appear for their exam. Apply to check the level, even if it is for something, but you guys should pay attention to all these things. Before filling out the form, if there are some queries regarding these, you guys can definitely ask in the comment section.


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